Chair yoga with Willem Wittstamm

Chair yoga with Willem Wittstamm

Level: Experience needed



Workshop för yogalärare och erfarna yogautövare.
1-3 februari

Startar 18.00 på fredagen. Avslutas 16.00 på söndagen.

Många har svårt att sitta på golvet i yogan. Här lär du dig göra övningarna till stol och anpassa övningarna för dem som har olika fysiska svårigheter. Leder gör Willem Wittstamm som skrivit boken om yoga på stol ” The best is yet to come” . Utbildning och workshop hålls på engelska.

Yoga on a chair? Try if you dare!

This intensive course deals with yogic focus points specifically for the second half of life.

On a physical level there are five main aspects: strengthening the pelvic floor, uprighting the spine, expanding the lungs, as well as maintaining balance and coordination skills. This focus provides you with a solid foundation so you are able to perceive the aging process as a benefit.

The subtle level gains more and more importance during ifetime. To age successfully we have to recognize and let go of old patterns. Breathing and concentration techniques are extremely valuable instruments, specifically in dealing with the challenges and deliberations of the second half of life. Yoga and meditation helps on a subtle level to adjust our lives according to the changing challenges. The message of Yoga50plus for the second half of life is: The best is yet to come!

Last but not least, we will also focus on exercises and meditations, which are proven to be helpful in advancing stages of Alzheimer’s. We also turn our attention to the carers and relatives. What can they do, not to give up helplessly, and also to find the strength to face the illnesses with love and courage.

Yoga50plus is aimed at Yogis, who want to use the depth of Yoga, to understand their own aging process as a stage of maturation. It is also directed at yoga teachers, who are considering teaching seniors or who are already leading their own 50plus classes.

Information. schedule and content

Friday 1 of February 18.00-21.00

“Basics of Chair Yoga” – open for all – 200 sek

Saturday 2 of  February 09.30- 18.00 ( Sadhana 06.00-08.30)

50 Asanas, Sun Salutations, Partner Yoga

Sunday 3 of  February  09.30-16.00 ( Sadhana 06.00-08.30)

Meditation and Pranayam as Tools for Aging Gracefully

Cost for the whole weekend:  2950 sek Vat, material and certification included. Book before 10 of November: 2700 sek. Including certificate of attendance.

Location: Södermalm, Stockholm at Yogashakti.
Höbergsgatan 30 A.


About the teacher Willem Wittstamm

Willem Wittstamm is on a mission! He developed Yoga50Plus for people who up to now thought, they would never be able to do yoga.

Growing up in a household with seven aunts, Willem has had a love for “old folks”, since his childhood. Their knowledge, wisdom, grace, and the inherent beauty that comes with age has always fascinated him. Therefore, offering classes for seniors was a natural progression on his path as a yoga teacher. He focused on the possibilities yoga has to perceive the aging process as a benefit, „growing“ old in the true meaning oft he word, opening up up to a transformation from sheer physicality to powerful wisdom and insight.

Weekly Willem is author of several senior-yoga-books and a Kundalini-Yoga teacher with a diverse spiritual background.

His affinity for the wisdom of the elderly started in childhood, growing up with seven aunts. As a yoga instructor, he naturally progressed to offering classes to seniors right from his start.

Willem says: “On the physical level, the five main objectives of Yoga50plus are: an upright and flexible spine, a stable pelvic floor, deep breathing, and balance and coordination skills. Progress in these areas is a guarantee of quality, as you grow older.

“On the subtle level, Yoga50plus helps you to align and renew your life in relation to the changing conditions and challenges of the aging process. The wide range of meditations found in the teachings of Yogi Bhajan offer the perfect tools for ‘aging in grace.’ “


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