Backtracking Kundalini Yoga

Backtracking Kundalini Yoga

For Kundalini Yoga Teachers

This year… trying for the planet in so many ways and for kundalini yoga teachers also period of scrutinizing one’s experiences, actions and believes in relation of all that has come up around kundalini yoga.

I think now after a time of processing we have an opportunity of  learning and growth.

This is a course for you that decided that the healing and transformation you experienced from Kundalini Yoga is worth exploring further,  wanting to find the roots and origins of our practice.  You might feel that it is not as easy as we would like, to separate the teacher from the teachings.  It is for you that have the urge to deeper research into the foundations of the Kundalini Yoga that was brought to the west, to stand more secure in what you practice and teach whether this will be kundalini yoga as we are used to, or not.

This is a course to look back to be able to go forth.

We create course together. A course where we do not have all the answers but helping each other piecing them together to a platform we hopefully feel is stable ground for our practice.  We proceed this journey with curiosity and an open mind. We will also try techniques for other holistic traditions and do some attempts to recreate practices from the ancient yogis.

I think it will be a beautiful journey.



The history of Yoga

Yoga & meditation

Postures from the time of Patanjali to now.

Energy medicine -Chinese medicine, Ayurveda in relation to kundalini yoga





3 Saturdays 09.00-15.00 local Swedish time. Online on Zoom.

Camilla starts the day with a yoga practice and meditation followed by a presentation.

During the day we will explore techniques from other traditions and compare them the kundalini yoga we have been taught.

We follow by group discussions and findings from the group.


Who can apply?

Kundalini yoga teachers that would love to participate with:

An open heart and mind, embracing all

A wish to contribute to a safe space for all


The course is held in English. If only Swedish participants we hold in Swedish.

Price: 1900 sek.

We are keeping the price low since we know it is economically challenging times for many of us and also because we see acknowledge that you will bring much wisdom into the course. Joining this course, we anticipate your active participation.


This course start with min 6 participants.


To apply:

Send an e-mail to with ” Backtracking Kundalini Yoga” in the headline.


With love and light,



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