Breathwalk – meditative walking (english)

Breathwalk – meditative walking (english)

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 Breathwalk – yoga on fot!

Breathwalk is a form of meditative walk or yoga on fot. It is developed from Kundalini Yoga and the breathing techniques from yoga is synchronized with the steps.

The walk starts with a few soft yoga movements to deepen our breathing and to relax tensed muscles. After we walk alternatively with Breathwalk breathing patterns and normal breathing. The breathwalk ends with stretching and a short meditation.

Breathwalk is a great tool for stress release and overall health.

You need no previous experience of yoga or breathwalk.

You do not need to change clothes, but  please wear comfortable shoes,  clothes as if you where going for a slow walk and rain jacket if necessary.

Teacher: Camilla Lund Elander


26 October ( Friday)

New dates coming up soon.

Time:   09.30-10.30 am.

Price: 200 sek per class.

Meeting point for the walks:  Outside the Kungliga Båtklubben: Address: Strandgatan 56.




Phone: +46-70 77 44 886
Photo:  Stefan Wulkan


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