Circles of Trust

Circles of Trust

We Too : Circles of Trust

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Healing Re-positioning in light of  the disclosures within yoga communities.

In this inaugural Circle Participants are invited to share personal experiences  using yogic practices – Through word, meditation, physical movements, dreaming and journaling which will be shared in a Circle of Trust.  Our intention is that the Circle of Trust should be a healing experience as we share and guide each other to a deeper and more mature understanding of our personal spiritual journeys.

The circle begins with a day workshop followed by 5 weekly circles exploring different aspects in more depth.

Led by Gerrilyn Smith and Camilla Lund Elander. ( Bios further down).

Both Gerrilyn and Camilla have been reflecting and discussing the impact of the recent disclosures within the Kundalini Yoga community on their own spiritual journeys and as yoga teachers.  Both are committed to the revision and reclamation of yogic principles and practices that maintain integrity and welcomes external scrutiny. “We too” is a way of honouring the voices that have been silenced and examining our unwitting complicity in that silence. The circles aim to support your own internal review on how has your spiritual practice been affected.


We will be Including more Yin Practices (Dreaming, Journaling).

Reviewing basic precepts and incorporating more flexibility in making kriyas.

More diversity in spiritual practice – exploring mantra & prayer.

Consider advances in our understandings of yogic practice.

Major points of consilience in relation to energy medicines and other spiritual practices.

Transparency regarding the exchange of skills.

Discussion about the role of unpaid work still embedded as seva.

Duty of care to students.

Create a safe space:  No more secrets: sharing with each other our concerns about Ethics and Professional Standards as Yoga Teachers and Commitment to providing safe and protective environments for all community members practitioners.

Joining Information:

This is first circle is for women Yoga Teachers only.

Full day workshop: Saturday October 16th.

Time: 8 am-5 pm UK, 09.00-17.00 Sweden.

Dates:  20 & 27th October, 10, 17 & 24th of November.

Time: 5-8 pm UK, 18.00-21.00 Sweden.

Max 12 participants.

This is a closed group and requires active participation with video on and that you are attending all meetings (80% minimum). The sessions are not recorded to provide a safe space to meet and share. Personal reflections and sharings in the group are confidential and not to be shared outside the circle.

Fees: 3900 SEK / 350£



Gerrilyn Smith – Gerrilyn has been a Clinical Psychologist since 1978 and a Systemic Psychotherapist since 1986. She is qualified as a Supervisor of Systemic Practice and also in EMDR and TRE as interventions for working with trauma. She has practiced Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Yoga. She qualified as a Kundalini Yoga teacher in 2011 having previously studied Kundalini Yoga with Guru Dharam through workshops, classes and private study. She teaches Yoga under her spiritual name of Prem Amrit and regularly contributes workshops on yogic understanding of trauma and neuropsychology.


Camilla Lund Elander – Camilla is a Kundalini Yoga & meditation teacher and Breathwalk trainer, based in Sweden. She began teaching Kundalini Yoga in 2006 and been studying Yoga Therapy for many years. She teaches the Breathwalk Instructor Course internationally. Camilla has created numerous specialty courses, including “Yoga for the Brain” and “40 days Yogic Rehabilitation, which supports students in starting and keeping a daily practice of yoga and meditation. She is continuously studying energy medicine taking a deep interest in the connection between Chinese Medicine and yoga.



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