The foundation of Kundalini Yoga Therapy 14/8

The foundation of Kundalini Yoga Therapy 14/8

Kundalini Yoga Therapy



”The principle of Yin and Yang is the basic principle of the entire universe. It is the principle of everything in creation, and it is the root and source for transformation as well as for life and death. It holds the power for the existing and changing of every thing.”

  • The Yellow Emperors Classic of internal Medicine

Friday the 14 th of August on  Zoom

Time: 09.00-17.00, Swedish time

This is a one day course where we go through some of the basic tools used in  Kundalini Yoga Therapy. We talk about  Chinese Medicine and get acquainted with terms and uses in of the Traditional Chinese Medicine way of thinking in Yoga Therapy.

We will discuss some supporting yogic treatment plans to support common health issues that you can use at home for personal use with suggestions for food, kriyas and meditations from a yoga therapeutic perspective.

This course is perfect for you if you are interested in Yoga Therapy and would like to know more and for you that already embarked on the yoga therapy journey, but not taken module 1 of the training.

This short course will not make you a yoga therapist, but is a step in starting to think of yoga as therapy and a first glance of what Yoga Therapy can offer. It does not replace module one but will give you a foundation for joining the other modules if you not taken module 1 yet. For yoga teachers and experienced yogis.

Led by Camilla Lund Elander. Language: English

Price: 550 sek. (approximately 52 Euro, 59 US dollar). Repeating the day? 300 sek.

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