Master class with Guru Dharam 1/4

Master class with Guru Dharam 1/4

Master class with Guru Dharam – Kundalini Medicine

Realease pain into light

Welcome to a master class with Guru Dharam!
As always it will be a transformational experience diving deep into the healing techniques of kundalini yoga and Kundalini Medicine. We look at and experience how to optimize our ability of self healing.

During the 2000 years of the Piscean age we have become accustomed to thinking according to a particular matrix which our culture supported and encouraged.

The age of Aquarius has its own new heart centered mind matrix which will take its own time to percolate through our psyche. In this workshop we use kundalini kriyas and meditations to break the hold that the Piscean matrix  has on us and release it into light..

For yoga teachers and experienced students of Kundalini yoga.

Time: 18.00-21.00
Location: Yoga Shakti, Högbergsgatan 30 A, Stockholm.

Date: Wednesday 1 of April

OBSERVE! This class cost 200 sek if you are attending Kundalini Yoga Therapy Training with Guru Dharam. You do not need to reserve your space here.

Price: Early bird booking before 20 of February : 400 sek  ( including 6% VAT moms). After 500 sek.






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