An experience of OM

An experience of OM

Gentle Yoga and Om chant


Thursday. Swedish time: 18.00-19.30 ( UK time 05.00-06.30 pm)

Gentle, grounding yoga and healing breath.  We do asanas for deep connection to self and to us as energy beings and end the session with a longer meditation chanting OM.

(Asanas from different yoga traditions).

Teacher: Camilla Lund Elander

Payment via donation.


If Swedish resident you can donate by swish to: 070-7744886. ( To Camilla Lund Elander)

Or pay via credit card: 175 sek:



About OM

I have spent days reading about OM and how it is used through millennia in Vedic rituals, in different religions and in yoga. It is described as a base sound, the first sound and newborn makes as it approaches the mother’s breasts to suckle. The sound of opening and closing your mouth.
OM is also described as the sound of the Universe’s vibration (if you listen to recordings from space, it’s easy to agree). OM is also considered to be beyond history, religion, as something eternal and divine. You do not have to believe in anything to get the beneficial effects of chanting OM. Research shows that OM meditation has affected our nervous system to greater calm, affects the brain and positively. OM has also been shown to affect the parasympathetic and vagus nerve. Part of the effect is probably partly due to how the chanting makes the breathing slower, which is good for  body and soul.

Research on the benefits of OM:



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